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Notes and hints translation

Translation of instructions always requires a responsible and thorough approach to the work. Paradoxical as it may sound, this kind of work can only be completed by a competent translator who is not only experienced in the subject, but also possess the proper Russian language - since instructions are normally read by ordinary consumers. Often, it is important for the customer that the final form of the document is consistent with linguistic standards and phrases are translated in a particular way and no other. This requires that the translator and the client have the ability to quickly adapt to conditions. One of the specific features of the translation of instructions is terminological precision and clarity. The terms used in the instructions should be unambiguous and well-defined, excluding synonyms: each concept should match a single term. This is to ensure that the customer does not have to decide each time which term to use. Our specialists have the skills and knowledge to translate instructions of any complexity. Our translators are experts in the field of science and technology, and are well versed in translated material. A large database of translators allows us to select the appropriate specialist for each specific order and guarantee the customer a quality translation. In addition, we are always ready to listen carefully to the customer and do a translation in accordance with all their requirements, given the slightest nuances and deviations from the accepted standard.

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Not a problem! Contact our manager via email or telephone, and if it is reasonable for you, we will arrange a transit translation using a third language.

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